sabato 25 settembre 2010


This is probably the first and fundamental Stoner Rock compilations, released in 1997 by Roadrunner Records and presenting many of the most important stoner bands of the first era.

Track list:

01. Queens of the Stone Age - 18 A.D.
02. Karma to Burn - Ma Petit Mort
03. Fu Manchu - Asphalt 'Risin
04. The Heads - GNU
05. Spiritual Beggars - Monster Astronauts
06. Floodgate - Feel You Burn
07. Slaprocket - Holy Mother Sunshine
08. Leadfoot - Soul Full of Lies
09. Celestial Season - Wallaroo
10. Cathedral - You Know
11. Acrimony - Bud Song
12. Blind Dog - Lose
13. Sleep - Aquarian
14. Hideous Sun Demons - Icarus Dream
15. Beaver - Green

My favourite songs in this selection are 18 A.D., a Q.O.T.S.A.'s track available only in this release, Monster Astronauts by Spiritual Beggars, Acquarian by Sleep and Bud Song from the Acrimony, but I have to say that every single second of this compilation needs to be listened!
As the cover say... more than 60 minutes of cosmic sludge rock!

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  1. Рeсuliar artіcle, totallу what I wаs looκing
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    1. Thanks, I haven't spent to many words, but you can have the idea of what it is... it's a milestone!

  2. trying hard to find this cd..only have cassette bought it in 1998

  3. As many others of these compilation is out of print and never reprinted, I think. It's possible to find some used copies on ebay or similiar sites. Actually on ebay there are some copies from 4 euro to more than 20 euro