sabato 5 marzo 2011

HIGH VOLUME - The Stoner Compilation

Year: 2004
Label: High Time Records
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 14
Available on: CD
Rarity: **

In my opinion one of the best stoner rock compilations! Just take a look to the track list to see how many great stoner bands are involved... add the fact that the songs included are principally the most tripping tracks from every band... and finally the artwork is very weel done with photos and info from every band and a spectacular sexy girl, inside poster included!.

Track list:

1. Gas Giant - Too Stoned
2. Bad Wizard - So Bad
3. Clutch - Willie Nelson
4. Nebula - The Void
5. The Hidden Hand - Falconstone
6. Unida - Left Us to Mold
7. Orange Goblin - No Law
8. Suplecs - Cities of the Dead
9. High on Fire - To Cross the Bridge
10. Sea of Green - High for the Ride
11. The Formula - Hello to Oblivion
12. Corrosion of Conformity - It Is That Way
13. The Mystik Krewe of Clearlight - Ride Out
14. Bottom - NADAsoul


A live version fro Too Stoned by Gas Giant:

Listen to Clutch's Willie Nelson (the preview shown is from their album cover "Slow Hole to China" in which is included the song):

...and listen to the awesome Corrosion of Conformity:

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