domenica 23 gennaio 2011


Year: 2002
Label: Music Cartel
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 17
Available on: CD
Rarity: **

A good compilation of heavy stoner music, that doesn't features previously unreleased songs but offers really nice tracks from some bands that I really love like by Novadriver, Dozer, Suplecs, Natas and obviously Electric Wizard. A special mention for a great title like 'Obesidade Morbida Constitucional ' by Ratos de Porao!! This is not difficoult to find at a cheap price, look around!

Track List:

1. Sons of Otis - Mile High
2. Thulsa Doom - Birthday Pony
3. Novadriver - Spinning into No Future
4. Suplecs - White Devil
6. Natas - El Cono Del Encono
7. Sinking Lizaveta - Tenuous
8. Grand Magus - Lodbrok
9. Dozer - Let the Shit Roll
10.The Cumshots - Conqueror of Canyons
11.Ratos De Porao - Obesidade Morbida Constitucional
12.Lambs - Cut You Loose
13.Electric Frankenstein - Rip it Apart
14.Antiseen - Run My World
15.Fireball Ministry - Flatline
16.The Sabians - Breathe
17.Electric Wizard - We, The Undead


Official video for El Cono Del Encono by Los Natas:

Lodbrok - Grand magus live:

Fireball Ministry's Flatline official video:

Take a listen to Electric Wizard...

giovedì 13 gennaio 2011


Year: 1999
Label: Daredevil Records
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 4
Available on: 7''
Rarity: *****

Another genuine vinyl product! Other 4 tracks fro the Daredevil Records, this time including the australian Thumlock, Rollerball, the Freedom Bleeder/Dozer project Cockburn (italian friends... look at the song title!) and Ridge.

Track List:

1. Rollerball - Jonathan E
2. Thumlock - Starquake
3. Cockburn - il classico da lavazza
4. Ridge - Firetruck


listen to a preview of Thumlock great track Starquake (available also in their Lunar Mountain Sunrise album):