sabato 13 agosto 2011


Year: 1999
Label: Red Sun
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 14
Available on: CD
Rarity: ***

One of the best stoner compilations ever made! The Italian Red Sun (a few stoner rock releases) had put together a great list of bands, just take a look at the track list and you'll be astonished! At that time most of those tracks were unreleased and there are also some rarities, as Kai'ckul or M-Squad.
Cover art provided by Malleus...

Track List:

1. Solace - King Alcohol
2. The Atomic Bitchwax - Marching on the Skulls of the Dead
3. Acajou - Arkanoid
4. Beaver - Tarmac
5. Ufomammut - Snake
6. Spirit Caravan - Dreamwheel
7. Hogwash - Hide
8. M-Squad - Steps Away (Steamroller)
9. Unida - Red
10. Kai'ckul - Ghostriding
11. Church of Misery - Sick of Living (Zodiac)
12. Red Giant - No Name Maddox
13. Las Cruces - Farewell
14. Core - The Godfather


Listen to Core's Godfather: