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DESERT SOUND - The Spaghetti Sessions vol. 1

Year: 2005
Daredevil Records
Number of discs:
Number of tracks:
Available on:
Rarity: ***

Some years ago the community started a project of Italian Stoner Rock compilation called Desert Sound - The Spaghetti Sessions (now it's arrived at the 3rd volume, available only on MP3). This is the first stoner rock compilation that presents only Italian bands and we are proud of it. Available for free download in this blog Black Doll, released exclusively for this compilation by T.H.U.M.B., a space doom nightmare paited with tons of distortion... Dowload for free the track!

Track list:

1. 5WD - Coming Free
2. Third Stone From The Sun - Let Me In
3. Deadpeach - Spain 87
4. Jarawa - Lode
5. T.H.U.M.B. - Black Doll ( download from MEDIAFIRE)
6. Gonzales - Dark Mood
7. Vortice Cremisi - No Walfare
8. Black Hole Of Hulejra - Tropic
9. Alix - Ground
10. Hellvis - When Hell Freezes Over
11. E.X.P. - Retinal Circus
12. The Moki Snake Dance - I Love You
13. The Stoneflower - Two Days (and another one)
14. Psychocritters - Hot Leaf
15. Too Mera B. - Do The Fish
16. Skywise - Into Thick Air


Listen to Spain '87 by Deadpeach:

Listen to I Love You by The Moki Snake Dance:


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