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Year: 1996
Label: Rise Above Records
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 12
Available on: CD
Rarity: ***

A step into the doom... Rise Above compiled this selection offering the perfect combiation between the retro-rock and the doom metal, presenting some stoner/doom masters as Electric Wizard, Acrimony and Orange Goblin together with some metal doom lords like Trouble, Pentagram, Paul Chain and, obviously, Cathedral. Edited in 1996.

Track list:

01. Orange Goblin - Saruman's Whish
02. Paul Chain - Sand Glass
03. Eyehategod - Shop Lift
04. Acrimony - Earthchild inferno
05. Pentagram - Sinister
06. Iron Man - Leaving Town

07. Mourn - Calm Before The Storm
08. Trouble - Victim Of The Insane
09. Solstice - Winter Moon Rapture
10. Electric Wizard- Return To The Sun Of Nothingness
11. Down - Bury Me In Smoke
12. Cathedral - Schizoid Puppeteer

This is the second volume of the unholy bible of doom!... as suggest the sticker on the package. The first volume is a step further into te doom and less connected with stoner rock.

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  1. I need that album, where can i download?
    can you upload it, please?
    it would be great if you can

  2. Where can I download this album?
    can you upload it please?

  3. Usually I don't post links to download, just for legal problems (even if I consider them an help to many bands...). Send me by e-mail (look at the address on the right) a personal request and probably I'll send a link to share that album just for you.

  4. I want this one, too, but I can't find your e-mail address! :(