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I AM VENGEANCE - The Official Meteorcity Soundtrack

Year: 2001
Label: Meteorcity Records
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 18
Available on: CD
Rarity: **

One of the best soundtracks I've ever heard! A total stoner/doom'n'roll trip to support this horror movie, I Am Venegeance by Richard R. Anasky. This compilation is still available at the Meterocity site.

Track list:

1. Lowrider - David William Hughs
2. "My name is David William Hughes"
3. Doomsday Gouvernment - I Am Vengeance
4. Blood Farmers - Bullet in My Head
5. "I'd like to report a killing..."
6. The Awesome Machine - Mother's Gone
7. Eternal Elysium - Burning A Sinner
8. Space Probe Taurus - Calling Cosmos
9. Naevus - Lost Confidence
10. sHEAVY - Sea of Tomorrow
11. Dan Fondelius - Day of the Comet
12. Bongwater666 - Cannibal Love Song
13. Dan Fondelius - The Answer / "Vote Pearcy"
14. Las Cruces - In My Sadness
15. Rainmaker888 - Killing Words
16. Count Raven - Scream
17. The Quill - Mind Drifter
18. Doomsday Gouvernment - Decision


Blood Framers - Bullet in My Head (demo)

...and this is taken from the Space Probe Taurus Allucination Generation promo... a great stoner song in Monster Magnet style!

Horror Movie Trailer:

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